The Committee

The current Committee started from scratch and has been running since 2003. Some things we have accomplished since then are as follows:

  • Community BBQs
  • Notice board - To provide information for the community.
  • Fire Management - Along with Whitehorse City Council, vegetation in selected areas were thinned for public safety.
  • Basic Vegetation / Weed Survey - Includes Orchid Survey.

Lions Club BBQ
Clean Up Australia Day
Monthly working bee

thumb Vermont Primary School Students
Vermont Secondary College Students
Clean Up Australia Day

  • Website
  • School Plantings
  • Working Bee's - Thanks to the Friends Group for all their help!
  • Annual participation in Clean Up Australia Day

In The Works:

  • Improved Water Regime - Diverting stormwater into the Dell's multiple ponds through nearby drains, in order to 'flush' them. This is our long term goal. One pond has been modified, however work has now ceased.
  • Bellbird Dell Mascot - Hoped to help younger people see that the park is a place to protect and cherish.
  • Track Names - To make it easier to organise volunteer activities and council works.